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Mantz Unterwassertechnik is a small bavarian middle-class firm located in the north of Munich. After its foundation in the year 1980 it was mainly engaged in the preparation and realization of   innovative salvage methods. Mainly in these cases, where the conventional use of heavy salvage units was impossible to recover heavy-weight objects from the water,  simple and effective methods were worked out  for successful salvage operations.

The firm was able to demonstrate its ingenious salvage conceptions in various missions with success at all times.

Since 1995 the firm is concentrating its field towards on deep-sea work at depths upto over 1.200 feet with the PC-1401 DSV and presents an alternative to sumptuous tri-mix diving and  the limited use of a uw-camera andROV.     Especially we are specialized in the recovery of historic significant  objects like aircrafts for the Restauration and exposition by museums.     

Besides, the location and surveying of the sea-floor with the reflex-seismic location method (Sector- and Side Scan Sonar) took a part more and more. 

For example, to our field of activity belongs the


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