manned submersible, untethered





Length		6,20 m		Life Support             	288 man hrs. min.
Beam		2,35 m		Payload  max.            	1.000 kg
Hight		2,75 m		Power                      	23 kWh
Draft		1,60 m          	Duration                    	8 - 10 hours
Weight in Air	5.000 kg         	Speed                      	max. 2,5 knots
Operation Depth	1.200 feet       	Propulsion               	48 VDC / 5.5 kW
Collaps Depth	1.800 feet        	Directional Thrusters	3 at 60 lbs each
Crew              	1 Pilot, 3 Observers
Manipulators	2 hydro-powered, with linear extension. Scissors / Claw-type, each 50 kg  
		static lift, 6 functions and replaceable tools. Both jettisonable.


- ABS certificated pressure hull composed of A 516 Grade 70 normalized steel, 11 mm thick                                  - Jettisonable, pressure-resistant battery pod to provide 48 VDC. Batteries can also be recharged in water        - Viewports: Plastic bow dome 920 mm diam., 50 mm thick and protected by a 13 mm thick free-flood plastic cover. Seven viewports in conning tower 203 mm diam.


Buoyancy - External ballast tanks (2) of 1200 ltr. total capacity with H.P. air system for blowing 
	the tanks for surface stability and buoancy.
Trim - Internal variable buoyancy trim tank system (3) of 350 ltr. total capacity and H.P. discharge pump system.
Communications - Surface: 12 channel, 1or 25 watt VHF-FM marine band with channel 16
	             Subsurface: HELLE UW-telephone 27 kHz, HELLE Pinger locating sonar, emergency pinger 
		               at 28 kHz one sec rep. rate. Operates on emergency battery or main. 
Standard equipment - compass, directional gyro, digital depth sounder, color fwd-looking sonar WESMAR, 
	                   digital depth indicator, rate of ascent / descent indicator, depth gauges, 5x 250 watt 
		   external halogen lights, T.V. camera for manoevering control, 10" color video monitor 
		   with VCR , etc.
Safety features - Emergency drop weight (batt. pod), leak detectors, built-in emergency breathing system,
	           masks and life vests, self-powered strobe light, 3.5 day life support, etc.
Classification      +A1  American Bureau of Shipping (ABS)
The PC-1401 DSV (Deep Submersible Vehicle) is a civil submarine built at the traditional shipyard of 
PERRY Submarine Builders, Florida. From the PC-series PERRY has delivered about 20 of specimen 
The PC-14- subs belong to the medium size class of submarine crafts. Until 1986 the PC-1401 was operated 
by the A&M University of Texas as "DIAPHUS" and solved about 300 dives in the Golf of Mexico.
Later it was located as "DEEP QUEST" on the Virgin Islands for various film and photo productions 
and also took part on some movies (f.e. James Bond 007).
In the 90 ' it came back to PERRY and was used on trials of the fuel-cell developement.
Finally in 1994/95 it undergoes a complete refit and was modificated from a research sub to a 
special salvage workboat on instruction of  Mantz Unterwassertechnik. 
Since then the PC-1401 succesfully operates  in special recovery missions besides of localization 
and survey diving.


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